Get Involved

Monetary Donations

Any of you that have run a company or perhaps even if you have not, you’ve probably heard of the old adage “it takes money to make money”.  Our goal of providing  employment for special needs individuals we take very seriously as it is quite important.  Cost associated with running our business include rent, printing,  card stock, envelopes, mailing costs,  accounting services, website management, just to name some of the basics.  We all want BJ Card Company to be a financially sound, debt-free Company and understand that we must be good stewards of our money. We understand that we must run this company with the goals of growth and stability, all financial donations will be treated with great appreciation and respect for the purpose given.   It is humbling to know you’re thinking of us!

Work with Us

BJ with assistance from his peers, embosses a “BJ” on each card and each envelope. His desire to do a good job and his great work ethic spurs us on!  It really takes an entire team to move a company to production and on,  and there are many things others can do to support and assist BJ and his peers. Not only is there  printing, mailing, creative development such as writing card sentiments, but there is also packaging for display, calling on retailers, fulfilling orders, follow- up on retailers, selling at farmers markets, craft fairs or Bazaars, accounting, marketing, web design and management, and the overall or specific  expertise needed  in running a small company.  From team  encouragement to daily busywork, 1 hour a month to several hours a week, we want to grow our team!  Contact us today!